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   In memory of
the Theater Group
concentration camp 1943-1944
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From July 1943 to June 1944, the Westerbork Theater Group stages six shows behind the concentration camp's walls:

Bunter Abend (1)

Humor und Melodie

Bravo! Da capo!

Bunter Abend (2)

Bunter Abend (3)

Total verückt

Even before Nazi German officials take command of the camp, as early as 1940, entertainment  is organized at Westerbork.

This includes a camp orchestra, chamber music and choral performances as well as a production of Shakespeare's "Mid Summer Nights Dream" and also cabaret. But, until 1943, these theater productions remain essentially amateur in nature.

Professional theater productions in Westerbork concentration camp only begin after numerous German, Austrian and Dutch Jewish stage personalities have been deported there.


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