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Name Role at Westerbork
Otto Aurich dancer
Josef Baar performer
Jaques Barendse orchestra
Ludwig Belitzer chorus rehearsal, musical arrangements
Fritz Bernhard costume designer
Jonas Blumenzweig performer
Hannelore Eisinger-Cahn performer (Westerbork Girls)
Jetty Cantor performer
Maurice Cantor orchestra
Michel Cauverien costume designer
Maurice van Cleef musician, orchestra
Simon Dekker-Dickson choreographer
Wolf Drukker orchestra
Arthur Durlacher technical director, performer
Franz Engel writer, composer, performer
Max Ehrlich (photos) director, writer, performer
Hermann Feiner performer
Hans Feith musician (Hans Feith Swing Quartet)
Catherina Frank performer (Westerbork Girls)
Liesl Frank performer
Eugen Frankenstein decoration
Jean Freund musician, orchestra
Kurt Geron performer
Michel Gobets performer
J. Gokkes orchestra
Chaja Goldstein performer
Jack Goudsmit orchestra
Ulla Gross performer (Westerbork Girls)
Simon Hangjas orchestra
Lotte Heider performer (Westerbork Girls)
Margaretha Kahlenberg performer (Westerbork Girls)
Anne Katz-Jordan performer (Westerbork Girls)
Maurits van Kleef orchestra
Leo Kok scenery designer, artist
Hans Krieg chorus rehearsal, musical arrangements
I. Landa costume maker
Herbert Levkowicz decoration execution
Joska Levkowitz costume maker
I. Lipinski hairdresser
Beatrice Lissauer performer (Westerbork Girls)
Felix Oppenheim production
Hans Margules scenery designer, artist
Gordon Moscow production
Ruth Pagener performer (Westerbork Girls)
Esther Philipse performer
Nardus.J. van Ploeg orchestra
Alexander Lothar Ringer musician
Mara Rosen performer
Willy Rosen (photo1, photo 2) writer, composer, performer
Heinz Rosenfeld performer
Stefan Schlesinger scenery designer
Grete Schliesser dress designer for Camilla Spira
N. Slier orchestra
Camilla Spira performer
S. Troeder performer (Westerbork Girls)
Richard Türkel lighting
Veffer costume delivery
J. de Vries orchestra
S. van Weran orchestra
Sophie Wertheim performer (Westerbork Girls)
Louis de Wijze performer
Günther Witepski writer, composer
Erich Ziegler performer
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From this page, increasingly, you will be able to access detailed information about each of the members of the Westerbork Theater Group, including film clips, audio recordings and photos as well as other documents.

For the moment, click on the underlined names or on the "photo" hyperlink next some of the names in the list on the left. Still other hyperlinks to photos are underlined in the "Role at Westerbork" column on the left too.

Additionally, we would be grateful to receive any further information that you, the visitor to this site, may have concerning the troupe members, performers or those who worked behind the scenes.




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