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Why not become a Member of the Max Ehrlich Association!


You are an individual, institution, public authority, school/university, civic or Jewish organization, etc. concerned with or interested in: exile studies, the history of World War II, theater, Jewish studies or related areas.

You are a theater group, actor, director, musician, singer or otherwise active in the performing arts, or you want to contribute to the preservation of cabaret, theater, film, musical comedy or operetta.

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Individuals, non-profit institutions, schools/universities and theater groups
SFr. 50/$30

Other group and collective members :
SFr. 500/$300

Benefactors and sponsoring members:
SFr. 5000/$3000

You are directly concerned by the fate of the Jewish people during World War II ...or in combating anti-Semitism, revisionism or injustice today, as well as keeping the memory of the Shoah alive. All of the above are just a few amongst the many reasons for joining the Max Ehrlich Association. Additionally, your membership gives you access to our Documentary Collection plus other resources and you are included in our mailing list for information on upcoming events, publications, educational/cultural projects, etc.

If you wish to submit a membership application, please click HERE! If you desire additional information, please click HERE!

  Membership in the Max Ehrlich Association is granted without distinction regarding sex, origin, nationality or religion.  


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