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In  the  autumn  of  1932, Max Ehrlich is at the high point of his career: He is one of Germany`s most beloved comics, masters of ceremony and cabaret stars.

His creative accomplishments include leading roles in Max Reinhardt productions, the Haller-Revues, and other important cabaret as well as stage groups. Also to his credit: forty-two movies, ten of which he directed... eight gramophone records, including chansons, operetta, comedy sketches and character imitations... not forgetting his best selling books "From Adelbert to Zilzer," a touchingly humorous collection of stories and anecdotes about sixty-two of his best known show business friends and colleagues; his popular book of jokes co-authored with Paul Morgan "Heulen und Zähneklappern, Das Buch der Faulen Witze“;  the special Max Reinhardt Jubilee edition of "Blätter des deutschen Theaters" by Willi Schaeffers, Max Ehrlich & Paul Morgan; as well as several syndicated magazine and newspaper columns.


Then, in 1933, the National Socialists bring this artistic elan to a grinding halt. Max Ehrlich - like his other Jewish colleagues - may no longer work in Germany. He leaves for Vienna to appear with the Nelson Revue. However, there too, Austrian anti-Semites interrupt the show with cries of "Jews get out of Vienna". So the troupe leaves for Holland, stopping en route to appear in Switzerland...


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