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Die Wochenendbraut (1928)



  Country: Germany
  Language: German
  Media: Black/White
  Sound: Silent
  Length: 2594 Meters
  Acts: 7



On November 16th 1928, the Censors authorize this film for projection (Jv).

The premier showing takes place on November 25th 1928 in Berlin at the Beba-Palast Atrium



Elga Brink
Werner Fuetterer
Paul Hörbiger
Kurt Vespermann


Directed by Georg Jacoby

Written by Friedrich Stein

Scene Titles by Max Ehrlich

Cinematography by Eduard Hoesch

Movie Theater Music by Walter Ulfig

Stage sets built by Franz Schroedter

Production company is
Orplid-Film GmbH, Berlin

Original rental by Messtro-Film




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