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In Werder blühen die Bäume (1928)

In Werder blühen die Bäume (1928)
(Alternate title: Helle Jungs)


  Country: Germany
  Language: German
  Media: Black/White
  Sound: Silent
  Length: 2390 Meters
  Acts: 6

On August 8th 1928, the Censors (Filmprüfstelle Berlin) certify this film  for viewing (document:  B. 19689, Jv).

The premier showing takes place on August 9th 1928 in Berlin at the Beba-Palast Atrium.

The story of two funny guys from Berlin.

In his review

Once again, a fragrant bouquet of "Berlin" film humor is thrust under our noses. (...) Three comics in front of the camera..., still another for the titles - how much funnier can it get - is the only fear that one feels. A team who, together with the writers and director, work their magic.

The unbound comedy trio Arno, Teddy Bill and Fritz Schultz, admirably meet the demands of their protagonist Fred Sauer and the co-authors, playing out their triumphs in improvisation, namely Siegfried Arno who in a frightening manner breaks loose and runs amuck: but from time to time all of them remember Werder, their partners and the director. (...) The grotesque binds. But, with Arno, one may dare to make a German Grotesque (also with Schultz and Bill). And the film thrives on the fact that these jokesters are left to work without restriction. Arno in the first place. A hard hitting guy with swinging rhythm. This time he understands the humor of the contemporary technical human clown. He races through space like a motorized marionette without making a single unnecessary gesture. The situation contracts and then explodes again without interruption in this tragedy which is billed beyond the brim with a comedy atmosphere. We've already seen him (Arno) much blander and more stereotyped. For once he was able to really let loose. When will we see him collect all his strength in a grotesque of his own? (Incidently, don't get caught up in the length of his nose - Chaplin's shoes are even longer)



Teddy Bill &
Fritz Schultz
Lotte Werckmeiste
Evi Eva
Karl Elzer
Viola Garden
Siegfried Arno
Karl Platen
Sophie Pagay

...Two Merry Guys from Berlin

...Frau Pieske, the Inn Keeper from Werder
...Evi Pieske
...Mr. Morray, baptized in Spree River Water
...Mady Moray
...Gent from Blasius
...Gustav the Coachman
...His Wife

Directed by Fred Sauer

Written by Herbert Juttke
& George C. Klaren

Titles by Max Ehrlich

Filming directed by Rolf Eckbauer

Cinematography by
Willy Goldberger

Movie Theater Music by Walter Ulfig

Stage sets by Kurt Richter

Production company is
Essem-Film-Prod. GmbH, Berlin

Original Rental by Star-Film GmbH



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