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Die vom Rummelplatz (1930)
Fair People (English Int'l 1930)
Those of the Sideshow (USA 1932)











Watch Die vom Rummelplatz full film here

Country: Germany
Language: German
Media: Black/White
Sound: Mono
Duration: 98 Minutes
(USA 105 Minutes)
Length: 2680 Meters

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Swedish Poster for "Die vom Rummelplatz" (Varieténs Skälmunge)






This film is shot
from June 15th to July 10th 1930 at the Ufa-Ateliers in Berlin-Templehof.

On August 12th 1930, the Censors (Filmprüfstelle Berlin) authorize it for projection (document:  B. 26595, Jv).

The premier showing takes place on August 14th 1930 in Berlin at the Universum.



Anny Ondra
Margarete Kupfer
Viktor Schwannecke
Siegfried Arno
Toni Girardi
Max Ehrlich
Kurt Geron
Gretl Barsch
Yvette Rodin
Julius Falkenstein
Paul Morgan
Walter Norbert
Paul Rehkopf
Fritz Spira
Bruno Arno & Dancers

...Anny Flock
...Anny's Mother
...Anny's Father
...Hannes, Cryer
...Horbes, Agent
...Sideshow Owner


Directed by Carl Lamac

Dialog supervised by Alwin Elling

Produced by Carl Lamac & Anny Ondra

Written by Hans Heinz Zerlett & Charlie Roellinghoff, based on a manuscript by Václav "Wenzel" Wassermann

Stage sets built by Jacek "Jack" Rotmil & Heinz Fenchel

Costumes by Adolf Dölle (MAS)

Sound by Fritz Seeger

Sound technical direction by Hermann S. Heller

Recording directed by Walter Jacks & Fritz Sereiski

Original Music (I am Ashamed, I Know What You're Thinking, We're at Home Everywhere (Bénes/Rotter) by Jára Bénes, Frank Strip, Walter Kollo, Fritz Rotter (LTX), Rudolf Eisner & Karl Brüll

Musical execution by Curt Lewinnek Band

Cinematography by Otto Heller & Erich Giese

Other collaboration by Bruno Arno (CHO)

Production company was
Ondra-Lamac-Film GmbH, Berlin

Production supervised by Friedrich Wilhelm Kraemer & Arthur Hohenberg


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