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     Rosy Barsony
   Rosy Barsony and Oskar Denes


Rosy Barsony (birth surname Schustek) was born in Budapest and began her career as a child actress. Later she became a dancer as well as soubrette . On different occasions she also credited under the names Rozai Barsony, Rózsi Bársony and Bársony Rózsi. She was married to Oszkŕr Dénes (also known as Oskar Dénes).

In Berlin 1931 she appeared in Paul Abraham's operettas Viktoria und ihr Husar (Victoria and Her Hussar), Die Blume von Hawaii (Flower of Hawai) and then in 1935 in Ball im Savoy (Ball at the Savoy).

Also during her acting career, Rosy Barsony was cast in over 15 movies, lived and worked in Italy where notably she appeared with her Husband Oskar Barsony in the Milano production of operetta Zizě (later banned by the fascist Authorities because they both were Jewish).

In Vienna 1956 she appeared in several stage plays as well as operettas. Later She worked in Paris for French television, and in 1959 played at the Stadttheater Klagenfurt, Austria.

Rosy Barsony died in 1977.

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  Rosy Barsony    Rosy Barsony



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