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Familientag im Hause Prellstein (1927)


  Country: Germany
  Language: German
  Media: Black/White
  Sound: Silent
  Length: 2040 Meters
  Acts: 6

This film is shot during January and February 1927 at the Rex-Film Studio in Berlin (Müller Street/corner Seller Street).

On July 28th 1927, the Censors (Filmprüfstelle Berlin) certify it for viewing (document:  B. 16217, Jv).

The premier The premier showing takes place on December 16th 1927 in Berlin at the UT on Kurfürstendamm (however, another source says that it was in the Ufa-Theater Königstadt).

In his review appearing in Film-Kurier, Nr. 298, December 17th 1927, Hans Feld writes: "A Hernfeldery (edit.: referring to co-authors' surname) about an inheritance that throws the entire family into a heightened state of excitement. Everything is based on the small legal misunder-standing that an heir must cover any debts that the deceased has left, even above and beyond the amount of the inheritance.

Paul Morgan leads the film with a sufficiently lengthy title intro-duction in which he warns that, in this movie, there is no love story, violence or sensation-alism, a promise which is kept.

Ilka Grüning and Erika Glässner play the only female roles. But, perhaps to make up for this, the viewer encounters all the more sons of Israel speaking, complaining, hitting, getting hit and speaking again and again, until a good uncle from Bentschen appears on the scene and repairs the damage.

Hans Steinhoff, using the resources available to him and which probably were limited, has made a neat film with a number of really good laughs. Moviegoers, except perhaps the most inveterate antisemites, will find this a welcome change from films about Rhein, operetta and Heidelberg."



Szöke Szakall
Erika Glässner
Siegfried Arno
Paul Morgan
Anton Hernfeld
Karl Etlinger
Fritz Spira
Ilka Grüning
Max Ehrlich

...Sami Bambus
...Flora Bambus, née Birnbaum
...David Freundlich
...Jaromir Schestak
...Moritz Igel
...Salomon Stern
...Waiter at International  Café

Directed by Hans Steinhoff

Produced by Lupu Pick

Written by Victor Klein, based on a comedy by Anton Hernfeld & Donath Hernfeld

Title by Paul Morgan

Cinematography by
Curt Courant

Stage sets by Leo Witlin

Production company was
Rex-Film AG, Berlin

Original rental by Ufa



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