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Die Blaue Maus (1928)



  Country: Germany
  Media: Black/White
  Sound: Silent
  Length: 2250 Meters
  Acts: 8

This film is shot at the Ufa-Ateliers in Neubabelsberg and on location in the Berlin Grunewald.

On October 3rd 1928, the Censors authorize this film for projection (Jv).

The premier showing takes place on November 16th 1928 in Berlin at the Ufa-Theater Universum.


Brita Appelgren
Ernst Behmer
Max Ehrlich
Willi Forst
Harry Grunwald
Harry Halm
Jenny Jugo
Rina Marsa
Albert Paulig
Hermine Sterler
Julius Falkenstein


Directed by Johannes Guter

Written by Robert Liebmann

Cinematography by Friedel Behn-Grund

Stage sets built by Jacques Rotmil

Production company is Ufa, Berlin

Original distribution by Ufa



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