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Die Tolle Komtess (1928)




  Country: Germany
  Language: German
  Media: Black/White
  Sound: Silent
  Length: 2923 Meters
  (DP: 2444 Meters)
  Acts: 7




This film is shot
on location in Schweinemünde

On November 15th 1928, the Censors authorize it for projection (Jv).

The premier showing takes place on November 27th 1928 in Berlin at the Alhambra, Kurfürstendamm and the Titania-Palast



Ralph Arthur Roberts
Werner Futterer

Hanni Weisse
Dina Gralla

Tilla Garden
Max Ehrlich
Paul Hörbiger

...Count Justus von Hagenau
...Count Walter von Hagenau,
   the nephew
...Countess Karla von Kesselstein
...Countess Jutta von Kesselstein,
   her daughter
...Nelly, the Chamber maid

Directed by Richard Löwenbein

Written by Max Ehrlich
freely adapted from the libretto by Rudolf Bernauer & Rudolph Schanzer for the operetta by the same name by Walter Kollo

Stage sets built by Max Heilbrunner

Movie Theater Music in the Titania-Palast by Hansheinrich Dransmann

Filming directed by Gustav Renz

Cinematography by Bruno Mondi & Hugo von Kaweczynski

Production company is
Richard Eichberg-Film GmbH, Berlin (Eichberg-Film Company of British International Pictures Ltd.

Original rental by Südfilm AG





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