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Die Schwebende Jungfrau (1931)


  Country: Germany
  Language: German
  Media: Black/White
  Sound: Mono


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Szöke Szakall
Fritz Schulz
Paul Kemp
Paul Westermeier
Max Ehrlich
Kurt Lilien
Lissi Arna
Dina Gralla
Fee Malten
Helen Steels
Adele Sandrock
Vicky Werkmeister


Directed by Carl Boese

Written by Max Jungk, based a comedy by Arnold & Bach

Music by M. Eisemann

Text by F. Beda

Equipment by Franz Schroedter

Photography by Reimar Kuntze

Sound by Hermann Birkhofer

Sound editing by Dr. Alwin Elling

Production directed by Paul Glass

Sound system Tobis-Klangfilm

Production company: Szöke Szakall Film of Max Glass Production

Rental in Germany by Kristall-Film G.m.b.H
Berlin SW 68
Friedrichstrasse 221







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