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In der Heimat, da gibt's ein Wiedersehn! (1926)


  Country: Germany
  Language: German
  Media: Black/White
  Sound: Silent
  Length: 2014 Meters
  Acts: 7



This film is shot
from May to October 11th 1926 at the Ufa-Ateliers in Berlin-Templehof.

On November 10th 1926, the Censors (Filmprüfstelle Berlin) authorize it for projection (document:  B. 14109, Jf).

The premier showing takes place on December 12th 1926 in Berlin at the Mozartsaal and in the Tauentzien-Palast (another source dates the premier as taking place on December 23rd 1926).

The story tells of three Corporals who during World War I befriend each other.

After the war, the good-hearted member of this trio, Gustav Knospe an itenerant worker from Berlin, becomes a tour guide and marries a girl from the French quarter.


Reinhold Schünzel
Margot Walter
Margit Barnay
Johannes Riemann
Siegfried Arno
Carl Wallauer

Fritz Kampers
Julius Falkenstein
Jakob Tiedke
Otto Wallburg
Paul Morgan
Olga Engl

...Gustav Knospe
...Dr. Ernst Körner
... Siegfried
... Klotz, Wholesale Canned
    Goods, Captain of the
...Lemke, NCO
...Falke's Captain
...Higher Officier
...Sergeant Baumann
...Professor Körner's Wife
...Samuel Kronheim
...Rosa, Kronheim's  Wife
...Mrs. Lemke
...Ede, Budiker
...Max Wiedlack
...Wiedlack's Friend
...Wiedlack's Other Friend
...Krüger, Trustee in Klotz's
...Magdalene Pickard

Directed by Reinhold Schünzel & Leo Mittler

Direction assistance by Reinhold Schünzel (KO)

Produced by Reinhold Schünzel

Written by Bobby E. Lüthge & Heinz Gordon

Filming directed by Fritz Grossmann

Cinematography by Ludwig Lippert

Stage sets built by Fritz Kraencke & Karl Machus

Production company was
Reinhold-Schünzel-Film GmbH, Berlin; Schünzel-Film der Ufa

Original rental by Parufamet (?)




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