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Der Greifer (1930)
German version of English film: Night Birds
(also remake in 1957)



  Country: Germany
  Language: German
  Media: Black/White
  Sound: Mono
  Length: 2014 Meters

This film is the German version of the original English film Night Birds, also directed by Richard Eichberg.

It is shot at the Elstree Studios in London.

On September 1st 1930, the Censors authorize it for projection (Jv).

The premier showing takes place on September 17th 1930.

It depicts a crime story that takes place in the night club milieu.


Hans Albers
Charlotte Susa
Margot Walter
Karl Ludwig Diehl
Eugen Burg
Harry Hardt
Herman Blass
Jack Mylong-Nünz
Hugo Fischer-Köppe
Milo de Sabo
Senta Söneland
Hertha von Walter
Wera Engels
Leo Monosson
Charlie Roellinghoff
Lotte Stein
Peggy White

Directed by Richard Eichberg

Written by Rudolf Katscher & Egon Eis

Script written by Curt J. Braun & Max Ehrlich, based on an idea from Victor Kendell

Cinematography by Heinrich Gärtner & Bruno Mondi

Music by Hans May & John Reynders

Co-production Companies are Richard Eichberg-Film GmbH Berlin & British International Pictures Ltd. London


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